Block Paving

Block paved driveways are a popular choice for many homeowners as they transform the kerb appeal of a home and create a stunning, individual look as they can be customised with patterns, kerbs and steps.


(old concrete driveway)


A driveway takes a great deal of punishment with the weight of vehicles, so it is crucial to engage a company with a proven track record of quality workmanship like us if you need a driveway. When we design and build it, you can be sure that your driveway will still look stunning in years to come and you have the added assurance that we retain a string of happy customers.



(Preparing the driveway)



(Finished driveway - block paving with contrast blocks for edging)




Digging out the lawn at the front of the bungalow



Hardcore was laid, leveled and compacted, weed free membrane laid,

sharpe sand laid, leveled and compacted



Finished Driveway

Edgings laid, blocks laid for the driveway, kiln dry sand applied, & compacted.

Edgings laid in same colour blocks as the driveway.

We at H W Bower Surfacing have a team whose target is to create designs which will ensure your satisfaction when we build so that you can have your design.

In addition to this you can also design your design by  yourself and we will assess it to see if it possible to build.  To get an idea of what we can do, we can create kerbs, diamonds and stairs through block paving to ensure you have 100% satisfaction.

We have a wide range of styles for you to choose from, they come in different block styles, colours and sizes, our experts can help you select the best option for you and your home. The blocks can be laid in almost any pattern you specify.

One of the best advantages of installing block paving is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Due to the nature of the material it does not require top polishing and will never need repainting in the future.

Whether you want a simple, traditional paving design or something a lot more complex and striking, block paving is a fantastic material to achieve a great look. You can be certain it will be able to provide something that will complement your home and accurately reflect your needs, tastes and budget.

Block paving is very durable and is expected to last reliably for at least 20 years. It is a great material for a driveway or patio as it is incredibly hard-wearing and, as such, can easily cope with lots of motor and pedestrian traffic.

Before and After



All the existing lawn and garden was cleared.

The groundwork all prepared

Block Paving

Block Paving

Garden/patio - all block paving incorporating a design into the pattern and contrasting blocks used for the edgings

Borders and the raised beds where tidied up making the garden low maintenance for the customer

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