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Resin Bound


This type of paving is made from a mixture of shingle, quartz or crushed granite. The elements are pushed through a mix process to ensure that each grain is coated with a clear UV stable polymer resin.

Water Penetrable

However, resin bound surfaces allow water to drain through, acting as a sieve and allowing the water to flow naturally into the water table.

Additional Information

A permeable resin bound driveway enables water to drain away to the water table, not allowing surface run-off and ensuring the sustainability to the surrounding planted areas.

Installation times are greatly reduced when compared with block paving and other driveway installations. 

Resin Bound surfaces can be applied in various shapes, large or small areas.

 The aggregate is available in a wide variety of shapes and colours.


Resin Drive

Before - old driveway

New Resin Bound Driveway



Resin Bound can be laid on most surfaces and the product has been used in many and varied areas, such as:




Car Parks

Pedestrian Areas

Cycle Lanes

Bus Lanes

Swimming Pool surrounds



Different colour aggregates are available and mixed with the resin, patterns can be created within the main structure


Benefits of Resin

  • Semi-Permiable Surface

  • No Planning Needed

  • Reduced Chance of Puddles/Ice

  • Over 20 Standard Colours

  • Custom Colours

  • Weed Resistant

  • Partly Flexible


Why use a Permeable Surface for my Drive?

There have been recent changes made to planning permission law, and in particular, new legislation has been introduced to reduce the amount of surface run off water and the risk of floods in settlements across the UK.

Beginning in 2008, if a new driveway project or front paved area uses a permeable surfacing system such as resin bound gravel you will not require planning permission.

Resin style paving avoids not only the need for planning permission, but also the need for additional drainage systems.

Before & After


Tarmac base - swept dirt and debris off, cleaned in preparation for the Resin Bound Surface to be applied


Finished Resin Bound Driveway & Path


Resin Driveways

A new driveway can look beautiful with so many colours and options to choose from.

We provide a full maintenance and repairing service for your driveway as we believe that your driveway should always be in the best condition possible.

This is because it is the main focal point of the front of your home which brings life and colour straight away.


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Installing A Resin Bound Drive

Preparation for installing a Resin Bound Driveway

The driveway was originally tarmac

After cleaning the driveway

The resin is mixed with the aggregate and poured on to the surface of the drive

The resin mix is then trowelled so the surface is flat and smooth

Extended driveway to side of the property

Finished Driveway and side pathway




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Resin Bound Driveway


The concrete driveway was looking worn with cracks appearing.

The space to the right of the driveway had also seen better days.

The area was cleaned and prepared for the resin bound surface, including extending to the right of the driveway.


The Resin Bound Surface was installed, continuing to the front door and extending to the side of the original driveway, thus having a larger area to park on.


Manhole covers

Driveway Before

Driveway After the Resin Bound Surface has been applied

The resin bound surface has been laid incorporating the manhole cover in with the main driveway and pathway colour